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We all know what anti-virus is and why we need it, but do you know what an EDR is and why you need this as well?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), is an endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end-user devices internally to detect and respond to cyber threats like ransomware and malware. Unlike anti-virus that protects from the outside, an EDR protects from the inside.

Why both, well these days, with ransomware and other direct threats like email tricks, an antivirus is not enough. Most cybercriminals have figured out how to get around anti-virus alone.

The main difference between EDR and antivirus is that EDR solutions focus on detection and response, while antivirus solutions focus on prevention.

What is EDR?

EDR is short for Endpoint Detection and Response. It’s a type of security solution that helps businesses detect and respond to threats targeting their endpoint devices. EDR solutions work by continuously monitoring endpoint activity for suspicious behavior. If a threat is detected, the solution will take action to neutralize it.

You can use EDR solutions to track, monitor, and analyze data on endpoints to enhance the fortification of your environment. Generally, EDR tools do not replace traditional tools like antivirus and firewalls; they work beside them to provide enhanced security capabilities.

What are the benefits of EDR?

EDR solutions offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved Detection: EDR solutions can detect both known and unknown threats. EDR includes real-time monitoring and detection of threats – including those that may not be easily recognized or defined by standard antivirus. It also looks for abnormal, suspicious patterns of activity. It thus contributes to a better security strategy.

  • Faster Response: EDR solutions can help you quickly identify and respond to threats. This is because they provide visibility into all endpoint activity.

  • Prevention: EDR solutions can also prevent attacks by blocking suspicious behavior before it results in a compromise.

  • Layered Security: As cyberthreats evolve, so should your security.

  • Threat Intelligence: EDR can identify the breached endpoint’s unique IoCs, or Indicators of Compromise, to pinpoint the exact threat and technique being used by the attacker.

  • Cyber Insurance Requirement: As of late, most cyber insurance companies are asking if you have an EDR in place. This will effect your cyber insurance cost and if they will cover you.

  • Easy to Install: Just like your anti-virus works, it is a license per computer, easy to install and managed by Kappa.

Do I need both EDR and Antivirus?

Yes, we recommend both EDR and antivirus.

While antivirus solutions focus on prevention, they can’t protect your devices from all threats. This is because they rely on signatures to identify threats, which means they can only protect your devices from known threats. Additionally, antivirus solutions have a limited impact on system resources, which means they may not be able to detect certain types of threats.

EDR solutions complement antivirus solutions by focusing on detection and response. They can help you quickly detect and respond to both known and unknown threats. Additionally, EDR solutions provide visibility into all endpoint activity, which helps you investigate and neutralize threats.

So, if you want to effectively protect your endpoint devices from all types of threats, you need both EDR and antivirus.

The Differences Between Antivirus and EDR?


Endpoint Detection and Response EDR

First layer of cybersecurity for detecting threats

Advanced layer for breaches that have already happened for containment and mitigation

No active supervision required

Network staff required for maximum effectiveness

Passive detection with prevention of suspicious incidents

Active detection of malicious incidents

No detailed visibility into the exact effects of the threat

Provides event data regarding breached endpoints across the network

Prevents known threats and other unknown threats with similar signatures

Immediate responses to known and unknown advanced threats that sneak by first layers of security through any endpoint

How Kappa can help?

We can help set up and configure an EDR and antivirus solution for you, while also developing a robust cybersecurity plan that will maximize your ability to defend against cyber threats.

Contact us if you are interesting in adding this layer of security to your network. It is easy to install and well worth the cost.


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