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Managed IT Support for backup and disaster recovery in Orlando

Backup And Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disasters happen, regardless of how flashy your equipment is. A fully managed IT solution designed specifically to protect your business is critical. 

Why You Need to Plan for Failure, Today

It’s going to happen, and you know it. Murphy’s law says it will happen at the worst possible time, right? It might be a natural cause like a fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. Or it could be from construction down the road, cutting access to the internet, power outages, or other vital utility issues. Your servers or workstation equipment may fail caused by a hard drive crash. Perhaps there is a hacker on your system encrypting your files asking you to pay a ransom to gain your files back. Hardware is complicated and prone to failure. Software is complicated and succumbs to viruses and malware. Employees click on virus links or give out their passwords on accident. Data becomes corrupted. Technology breaks.  Are you gambling your business’s survival on your present Disaster Recovery Plan? Do you have a formal Disaster Recovery Plan?

Here at Kappa Computer Systems we have you covered with unrivaled Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions. We can guide you to ensuring your business never faces downtime that it can't handle. 

Backup IT Solutions KAPPA Provides

Protect your business fROM the 7 most common disaster events


Kappa Computer Systems provides Disaster Recovery planning and management services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.


Our disaster recovery services cover a variety of types, from regular backups to cloud-based solutions. No matter what type of disaster strikes, we're here to help you recover as quickly as possible. Our team of IT specialists will work with you to create a disaster recovery plan that takes into account your specific needs and budget. Protect your business from the unpredictable today with Kappa Computer Systems at your side.


Natural disasters


Equipment failures




Hackers and ransomware


Accidental data deletion


Viruses, worms, trojans,malware


Internet and power outages

It Support In Olrando, Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery

Ready To Protect Your Data?

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