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IT Support Managed Services (MSP) support consulting services for Orlando Business


Kappa IT Services Managed Service




It is overwhelming, you are opening a new business, and if that is not enough stress, you need a computer network built from the ground up but have no idea where to start. Call Kappa. We can consult with you one-on-one to guide you through designing a network, determining what software and equipment you may need, what network cabling you may need, what Internet to go with, how to develop a solid data security plan and all the other components that encompass a well designed, reliable IT network infrastructure. We will also provide installation services and on-going IT support for your newly designed computer network if desired. Kappa has your IT covered. 




Today's computer networks demands are high.  Considerations like centralized data, remote user access, data privacy, and cybersecurity are growing ever more important. To add-on extra pressure, industry compliance and government regulations are required for financial, legal, real-estate and medical organizations. How do you know your network infrastructure is performing at its best? Are you in compliance? Is your data safe? Does your network need upgrading? It's a lot to think about. Kappa is here to help. We will perform an overall evaluation of your current IT network and make recommendations to your IT infrastructure that will improve your overall performance, potentially reduce costs, and gain a more secure and reliable IT computer system.


We will evaluate and make recommendations on your network to include: 

  • Server Analysis

  • Server Design

  • Server Implementation

  • Server Administration

  • Server Maintenance

  • Server Repair

  • Network Analysis

  • Network Design

  • Network Implementation

  • Network Administration

  • Network Maintenance

  • Network Repair

  • Network IT Security

  • Network Upgrades

  • E-Mail Servers

  • E-Mail Configuration

  • Routers & Switches

  • Terminal Server Config

We recognize the people plus IT dichotomy. With over 25 years in the IT consulting business, we pride ourselves on working harder than our competition to deliver ideal technology that's tailored to you. Kappa's experts will offer valuable advice making sure your use of technology is meeting your specific needs and goals. Our team is very well-versed in deploying IT solutions that meet the requirements of your employees and your industry.


  • Ensure that your network, infrastructure, and software are meeting the demands of your business and employees. We find that time, access to information and ease-of-use are the most common technical concerns for companies like yours. You and your employees need information quickly and easily from anywhere.

  • Recommend upgrades to existing systems and applications and a plan for providing ongoing services and support that allow you and your employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. For professional service firms, in particular, we focus on solutions that offer speed, remote accessibility, security, and compliance.

  • Upgrade existing solutions, implement any new hardware, software, and services and educate individual users about new tools and services.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and recommendations for upgrades/change.

  • Help develop processes that will save money and extend your current IT capabilities. 

  • Give you piece-of-mind knowing that your IT network is set up for resilience, reliability, meet compliances and has best practice security measures in place. 




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