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Server Virtualization

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You probably have multiple servers in your office to run all the applications you use every day. They eat up a lot of power, maintenance time, and money. Kappa can virtualize these systems for you, taking all the functions that these systems perform and making them run on ONE machine. Virtualization replaces the big and clunky hardware you use to run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer costs, as well as a whole host of other benefits for your business.

What is Server Virtualization? 

Server virtualization is the condensing of individual physical servers into one physical server. By the use of specific virtualization software, we can successfully divide this one physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers. In essence, by virtualizing, you are running multiple "virtual" servers on ONE physical server.  With server virtualization, you can consolidate your infrastructure onto one device, rather than spread across multiple servers, significantly cutting down on operational expenses.




A key benefit of virtualizing your servers is you will host less hardware in your office. Servers require a lot of electricity, and you need to keep them cool with air conditioning in order to guarantee longevity. By consolidating to one server your energy costs decrease. 


Create multiple server instances on the same virtual machine. For example, if you have a mission-critical application that only works on a specific operating system, your organization can have a virtual machine carved out and dedicated to running it. This prevents the need to purchase an entirely separate server just to run one application, and all the cost of operation and maintenance that comes along with it. 


Reduce overall IT management cost.


Built-in disaster preparedness with automated backups and easy remote access to not only your files but everything inside your virtual system.



Benefits of virtualization: 


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