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Delivering IT right, the first time, on time... with one touch resolution is a Kappa Computer Systems philosophy.  Kappa Computer Systems has been providing IT computer service in the Orlando and Central Florida area since 1997. We have successfully built a strong foundation on traditional values of hard work, dedication, and genuine concern for the well-being of our clients. Keeping up to date on technology and continue providing reliable, trustworthy IT services has been our goal from the very beginning.  We are notoriously known for completing our work promptly, and assuring all clients computer service requests have been fulfilled successfully each and every time, this commitment continues to be the key to our success. 

Kappa's typical client base has 10 to 500 workstations per location and depends on their computers, servers, network, and the Internet for day-to-day operations. Most of our clients have a specific software application that they use to run their business and depend heavily on that software being operational. We service the greater Orlando area and remotely anywhere in the USA. 


Chad Strader- Kappa Computer Systems - Managed Service Provider (msp) in Orlando

Chad Strader

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Owner/ Chief Technical Officer

Diana Strader- Kappa Computer Systems - Managed Service Provider (msp) in Orlando

Diana Strader

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Owner/ Operations Manager

Kappa Computer Systems - Managed Service Provider (msp) in Orlando



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Chad Strader- Kappa Computer Systems - Managed Service Provider (msp) in Orlando

Chad Strader is the founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Kappa Computer Systems. Mr. Strader has an education in Computer Engineering and Business. He obtained a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science.  From a very young age, he knew his passion was computers and technology. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, including engineers and real-estate moguls, he has always been surrounded by leaders in business. With a passion for computers and a background in business, in 1997, Kappa Computer Systems was born.  Originally, Kappa Computer Systems focus was building computers, selling computer hardware, and supplies. However, 2005 turned into a year of dramatic growth and the company began its Managed Service platform, permitting Kappa to provide a full range of networking and IT support services to the business community in addition to a growing line of computer product solutions. Now after over 25 years in business, Kappa has become a leader in the IT service industry.


Chad has built a solid reputation for caring for his clients and strong knowledge in the IT community. He is well known for the "guy" to call when colleagues can't seem to resolve their IT issues.  He understands the business and technical end of IT and how it will work best with long-term goals.  Helping small-medium businesses and large industries by improving performance with solid IT solutions, while staying within a budget, is always Chad's objective. He considers himself your partner in business and takes a personal interest in each and every client's success. If Chad is involved, it will get done right.  Chad is married with one son, who just happens to be following his father's passion for technology.  

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