Cybersecurity is complicated.
No longer can you “install it and forget it”
cyber-crime never sleeps.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that focuses on IT security can bolster your cybersecurity defenses. This is especially true when it comes to end-user error. All the tools and solutions in the world won’t protect your business from every attack. Human error is still highly dangerous, and many employees grow complacent at some point as they fail to follow best practices.

CYBER AND NETWORK Security-as-a-Service

What is CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity, also referred to as information technology security or network security is a body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect computers, networks, software, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, attacks, change or destruction. No one device or piece of software can protect your business from modern malware. It takes a complete program to maximize cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity refers to preventative methods to protect data on your system from being stolen, compromised or attacked in some way. It requires an understanding of potential information threats, such as viruses and other malicious code. Cybersecurity strategies include identity management, risk management, and incident management.

Why is Cybersecurity Important for your business?

Cybersecurity is complicated, no longer can you install it and forget it. Your firewall is the entry point to your entire business.  If you aren’t checking to make sure the “door is locked” you could be vulnerable. Network outages, data compromised by hackers, computer viruses and other incidents affect our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to life-threatening. As the number of mobile users, digital applications and data networks increase, so do the opportunities for exploitation.


Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the prime target for attackers because they tend to be easier targets. They’re often less secure and unprepared for an attack. Think about burglars that go after houses where they know no one is home. With more cybercrime automation and the rise of hacking kits, the cost and time it takes to launch a successful attack have decreased, increasing the number of cyber-attacks executed. 


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How Can Kappa help keep you secure?

Kappa offers 24/7 monitoring, and hardware all wrapped up in one low monthly price.


KappaSecureIT as-a-service is a cybersecurity program developed to boost your overall IT security and keep your network guarded against hackers and data breaches. This program is designed to prevent cyber attacks, improve overall performance and secure your critical data.  With 24/7 protection and flexible deployment options, our managed security service program can help your business meet regulatory and best practice requirements, such as FSA, DPA, Basel, ISO 17799, HIPAA and GLA.


Our KappaSecureIT as-a-service program provides your business with a multi-layered security approach. We layer your network with a business-class firewall, anti-virus protection, best practice network restrictions and permissions, security risk management, employee education, coupled with monitoring and management of your mission-critical network infrastructure like your firewall, switches, routers and wireless access points. For a set monthly fee, Kappa will effectively and proactively manage your network security, allowing you to rest easy knowing your company is safe and secure. 


KappaSecureIT as-a-Service KEY FEATURES:


  • Increase productivity by limiting employee access to non-business related applications.

  • Protects the system by not allowing malicious programs to run.

  • Lower your IT costs by preventing malware and viruses from affecting your system's stability.

  • Safeguard your system by preventing the unauthorized installation of programs.

  • System monitoring for potential cyber-attacks. 

  • Protect crucial data on your system from becoming compromised. 

  • Safeguard your network from potential hackers. 

  • Implements and installs SonicWALL hardware with best-practice configurations at your office locations.



Kappa's  MSP Professional Services team fully manages and monitors your network and firewall 24/7/365, protecting you from today’s advanced cyber threats.


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KappaSECUREIT as-a-Service Program gives you:

  • Enterprise-class firewall hardware, programming, and installation

  • Around the clock remote monitoring on your network infrastructure 24/7/365

  • Configuration changes and support requests pertaining to firewall

  • Warranty on hardware 

  • Adds, moves or changes to appliances

  • Alerts regarding equipment and disruptions

  • Notifications of qualified threats 

  • Regular firmware backups and updates as required

  • Connectivity troubleshooting

  • Secure wireless network access (Wi-Fi)

  • Content filtering intrusion prevention

  • Continuous management of new security threats

  • Education to staff on security best practices

  • Network restriction best practice implementation 

  • Kappa's trained and certified security technicians 



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