What is a "Hosted cloud Server?"

When opting for a cloud server, you are renting server space from a company rather than purchasing physical servers. Cloud servers are typically deployed quickly and offer scalability and flexibility, adding more space and speed up or down, pending on your needs. Cloud servers offer advantages for a wide range of applications and solutions to many of the problems of small and midsize businesses.  It lets you transform the software programs your company uses, moving from locally installed servers to servers that run in the cloud. Cloud Servers allow you to have an independent server solution at a lower cost than deploying physical servers at your company location. The Cloud is a revolution in IT.

Why A cloud Server? 

Are you looking to upgrade or replace your current server? Is your existing server at the end of life? Just starting out, and your not sure what size server you need to buy? Have you considered instead of buying expensive server hardware, costly server licencing and a host of other costs, to move over to a hosted cloud server solution?


Cloud servers deliver the best of both worlds. You have the comfort of knowing  your data and systems are securely stored and operating in your own, dedicated Private Cloud accessible only by those you explicitly designate. At the same time you gain the cost savings and peace of mind that come with having your systems running safely off of your premises in a state of the art data center where the speed, reliability, and security are second to none.

We know, all companies are not created equal. Is a cloud solution right for you? Kappa can help you determine if a cloud solution will work for your company's specific needs.


  1. No Upfront Hardware Costs

  2. No Reoccurring Server Licencing Costs, i.e. Microsoft

  3. Hardware Warranty Costs

  4. Hardware Upgrade Costs

  5. All Your Locations Can Work From One Cloud Server - Reducing multiple servers.

  6. Reduced Electricity Bills -  Servers require a lot of electricity. 

  7. Lower A/C Costs - Servers need to stay cool,  maintain longevity and reliability.

  8. Security- No special room carved out at your location(s) specifically for your server. 

  9. Reduced Internet Costs

  10. Reduced Server Supporting Equipment Costs


We can easily move all your server needs into the cloud. This makes it easy to access your important information and data from anywhere, anytime. Naturally, all of our server cloud technology provides redundant Internet and is protected, backed up, and secure to keep your data safe.

Our hosted servers mean an employee can log into the cloud server anywhere they have internet access, and immediately get access to all the software they need to work effectively. Employees can work from home, additional locations or even out of the country. All your staff will have access to all of their required applications to get the job done.

Why Kappa FOR your Cloud SERVER?



NOT ALL IT SUPPORT COMPANIES ARE CREATED EQUAL... Some IT companies offer hosted servers, but they are only reselling you someone else's cloud services. Here at Kappa we own and operate our very own data center, cloud servers. Our facility provides the highest level of physical security, availability and environmental control compliance. Designed with concurrent maintainability, Kappa's cloud servers provide infrastructure redundancy and high availability.


We maintain and own 100% of the servers and equipment you are accessing for your hosted server solution. NO THIRD PARTIES INVOLVED. This means when you need something you call us directly, and not some overseas company, or third party bureaucracy, then wait for hours or days to get a simple request resolved.

Let us migrate your business resources to our hosted networks, and you’ll never again have to worry about the installation, management or maintenance of your technology - our expert technicians will take care of it!


Easy accessibility by multiple users. Access your data and programs from anywhere, anytime. Employees can work from home. Perfect for your mobile workforce.


Kappa can help you by migrating as many applications and programs as you need to your cloud server. You choose how much you want to move and when you want to move it. 

Hosted Microsoft Exchange and email.

A centralized drive for data and collaboration.

Applications designed for your business. 

Share documents and software. 

With Kappa’s cloud servers, we're able to deliver servers when and where they're needed. You won't need to buy costly, individual servers. Instead, you'll access our infrastructure for capacity on demand. With cloud servers, you don't have to worry about ramping up your IT Infrastructure or worry about needing additional space on your server to deploy new applications, Kappa's cloud solutions have you covered.


Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of “if” and “when ” but “how.” Here at Kappa, we are experts in migrating services into the cloud and making sure you’re set up with fast, responsive, secure applications. Request a quote today!





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