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Managed IT Support for Education
E-Rate Orlando SchooIT Support


We can act as a natural extension to your technology coordinator. 


Here at Kappa, we offer schools several different options for IT support. The staff configuration of each K-12 school is unique; some schools support their technology infrastructure with a full-time technology coordinator, while others prefer to outsource their IT support and employ a teacher or curriculum director for technology integration. To accommodate each school’s unique needs, we provide customized managed services packages. Our managed services solutions support your network, devices, staff, and students and keep your school performing ahead of the curve.

Extend Your SCHOOLS Capabilities with a Fully Managed IT Service OPTION

Schools and other educational institutions are challenged to leverage technology to provide optimal learning environments for students while operating within limited budgets. The growing use of SMART Boards, iPads, and other touch-enabled devices have further added to demands placed on internal IT resources, as have the increased use of faculty and student WiFi networks in this era of BYOD.


Using Managed IT Services in schools allows educators to focus on helping students learn rather than focusing on keeping the technology up and running while in class trying to teach. Kappa's managed IT service will act as your fulltime computer department, enabling your school to gain the maximum value form your IT investment. We provide procurement and discounted rates, on-site service, help desk, network, server and PC support, 24-hour monitoring for your staff and school network system. Teachers and staff have access to extended technical support with 24/7 monitoring so the learning never stops.  Kappa's IT professionals will work with your school to determine what your needs are, and together, the IT team and the school will determine a process that will benefit the school educationally and financially.

Network Security for School
Managed Firewall and internal connections Service option –
(E-Rate Funded)

If your school’s technology team is able to support staff and student devices in-house, but just needs some oversight and guidance regarding Firewall, Internet, network security, and content filters, our KappaSecureIT-as-a-service option might be a good fit for your school. In this model, Kappa manages your Firewall and network by:

  • Increase productivity by limiting student access to non-school related applications.

  • Implement, install and maintain firewall best-practice configurations.

  • Internet/WIFI management and monitoring.

  • Separating teachers, students and office staff into different users’ networks to block specific websites from students. This protects the students from unauthorized access to websites like: Facebook, Twitter, and other non-educational sites.

  • System monitoring for potential cyber-attacks.

  • URL blacklists and whitelists on your firewall.

  • Safeguard your network from potential hackers.

  • Lower your IT costs by preventing malware and viruses from affecting your system's stability.

  • Internet liaison for downed Internet connections.


Managed Firewall Services may also qualify for E-rate funding. 


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Managed services and IT Support of Education in Orlando
E-Rate Orlando SchooIT Support

Are You the technology coordinator?  

Finally, an IT services program that is a “win-win” for both your school and you, the technology coordinator! Co-support services allow you to extend your capabilities through a partnership approach, leveraging Kappa to augment the key areas of service and support, ranging from end-user service desk to server support, to network management or wherever you need us. Forward-thinking technology coordinators are turning to co-support services to augment their internal capabilities and expertise.

Here’s how we CAN HELP SUPPLEMENT your schools IT:
  • People – Gain access to certified technicians when you need them.  Supplement your school by seamlessly integrating Kappa into your existing infrastructure, applications, and processes.

  • Strategic Planning - As your school expands and technology evolves, your school must stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. We have the advisory services to help you develop an IT plan that will grow as your school does. 

  • Procurement –Because we have relationships with our vendors, we are able to offer large discounts on equipment such as PCs, servers networking equipment and much more. We can also help with purchasing advice to determine what products you may need for scalability and future growth. 

  • Our Tools – Leverage Kappa's comprehensive managed services system for service desk, ticketing, IT automation and security.

  • High Level of Knowledge – Because we work with many networks in many different fields, our technicians have a wide variety of knowledge to help supplement your IT needs. 

  • Project Support -  There may be times when you don't have the expertise or the time to perform high-level projects, like migrating servers, VMware support, large PC rollouts, or implementing new network layered switches. We have professionals who specialize in a variety of IT capabilities and can provide the technical help you need for special projects.

  • Security Support - As your school grows, your IT security requirements do as well. Where simple solutions once worked, you can no longer depend on them to keep your school's data protected and children safe. We can move your IT to a managed, security platform with next-generation firewalls, data leak prevention, intrusion detection, encryption, two-factor authentication, single sign-on solutions, and more.

  • Always Available - We are here when you need us, 24/7.

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