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Fake Tech IT Support Calls

It can be frustrating to have problems with your computer, especially now that so many people are working from home. But if you get a pop-up on your screen or a call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft technician, saying there are viruses on your system or someone has hacked your PC, hang up the phone. It’s a scam.

Tech support scammers want you to pay for services you don’t need to fix problems that don’t exist. They will ploy you into thinking you have a virus they need to fix or try to convince you someone has hacked your PC, in fact it is them trying to gain access.


The phone rings or you get a pop-up on your screen to call. At the other end is someone claiming to be from “Microsoft Technical Support”, or something similar.

With the intention of forcing you to pay for tech support you don’t need, the scammer will demonstrate that your PC “has a virus” by talking you through checking the Windows system log.

They’ll follow this up by prompting you to install their remote desktop software, which provides the scammer with admin access. Your data is already at risk. The remote user might install a backdoor for regular access or compound your problems further by installing malware.

Here is What You Need to Know:

  • Never give control of your computer or your credit card to anyone who calls you out of the blue. Ever.

  • Security pop-up warnings on your computer with a phone number will not come from Kappa or Microsoft and we will never ask you for a credit card number. If your pop-up insists that you call, it’s a scam.

  • Microsoft is not watching your computer for viruses or hackers. They would never call you.

  • If you think there may be a problem with your computer, call Kappa right away.

  • If you need help fixing a problem, call us. No one other than Kappa should have access to your PC.

If you get a fake tech support scam call, block the caller and tell us about it right away so we can check the security on your PC.

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