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Google is used by millions daily for searching the internet. It is the undisputed most popular search engine out there. Although you probably use it everyday, there are a lot of shortcuts, hidden functions, and tweaks that are good to know and can save you time. For full examples watch the short video below.

1. Find Related Websites Using RELATED:

Related: is a google search operator that allows you to find websites similar to the one you specify in your search query. For example, will return results of websites similar to Check out the video to see it in action.

2. Search Within a Specific Website Using SITE:

Site: is a google search operator that finds content within a specific website. For example, microsoft will return results of where the word Microsoft is used in Kappa's website. The video shows an example as well.

3. Limit Your Search Time Frame

To limit your search results to a certain time frame you can use Google's date range option. After putting in your search query, click on "Tools", then click on "Any time" and from the drop down menu you can choose your time frame. Example is included in the video.

4. Track Packages

Enter a tracking number from UPS, FedEx or USPS into the Google search bar and your tracking results will show with a click of your mouse. No need to go to the website's tracking page and entering your tracking number there. See video example.

5. Set a Timer

For example, enter set timer for 5 minutes and 3 seconds and instantly set a timer. Give it a try yourself or watch our video for an example.

6. Flip a Coin

Can't make up your mind? Let Google flip a coin for you. Enter flip a coin into the search bar and watch the coin flip. Is it heads or tails? Watch the video to see this trick.

7. Play Atari Breakout

Enter atari breakout as your search query then click on "Images" and have some fun!


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