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The most common way for a virus to infect your computer is from email. It is important that we all are cautious of the emails we receive. It is impossible to predict all the bad things the bad guys will do, they will always come up with something new. Because of this, we have to remain watchful at all times.

Your business and data can be severely damaged by just one click of a mouse. A lot of times the damage is irreparable. For this reason, it is very important to be cautious, have a healthy suspension and know how to recognize a malicious email before you react in a way that could impact the entire organization.

Common Things To Look For:

  • The email doesn't address you by name

  • The email senders name does not match the email address

  • Attachments that you are not expecting or have odd names

  • Hyperlinks (don't click on them before you check them, the video below will show you how)

  • Emails from people you have not heard from in a while or are not expecting to receive

  • Requests for personal information

Keep Yourself Safe:

  • Only open attachments you specifically requested.

  • Check all web links in emails before clicking on them.

  • Be cautious of any email that uses threats or scare tactics to try to worry you and get you to click links, even if the sender appears to be someone you know.

  • Question emails that do not address you by name, especially those that supposedly come from a known sender.

Please watch this very helpful video on how to identify malicious emails.

For the best view, use full screen mode or use the link below this video.

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