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Google Chrome is unquestionably one of the best overall internet browsers on the market. If you don't use it yet, it's time to give it a try. Google's Chrome browser is full of shortcuts, hidden functions, and tweaks that can save you time and improve your workflow. Below are a few tricks to give a try.

Pin Tab Feature

Lock some of your most-used tabs to the left of your browser and shrink the tabs to icon size so that you can fit a bunch of your favorites in a small space.

Highlight Text to Search

When you are browsing a website, you can highlight a word and easily start a new google search on it.

Simplify Your Bookmarks

You probably count on a few (or a lot of) bookmarks to enhance your everyday web browsing experience. Check out these ways to simplify things for you.

Use the Auto-fill Feature

Use this feature for automatically filling out any online form with common fields such as your name, e-mail, address, etc.

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