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So What Is A Blacklist?​

Blacklist is a generic name for a list of email addresses that are or could be considered spam. The list is meant to protect companies from spam. If your email address is associated with a blacklist, other email addresses (your recipients) will reject your

e-mails. ALL your emails and your company's emails.

How Can Your E-mail Get Blacklisted?

  • Sending ‘bulk email’ or ‘mass email’ (emails with more than 15 recipients)

  • Be mindful of how many emails you send in an hour, less than 30 is optimal.

  • Your email could become listed on such a service if it has ever been guilty of sending out spam or email that looks spam-like enough to fool these filters.

A sudden surge in e-mail sending volume indicates possible spammer behavior.

Getting Removed From Blacklists

  • Getting unlisted from a blacklist can be challenging and sometimes difficult.

  • ​Unblocking your email address and your company's email addresses can take from a few hours to up to a week to complete.

If you are a serial offender, you will find delisting becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

Send Limits

  • The mass email problem is why we have maximum send limits in business.

  • Kappa recommends no more than 15 recipients per email.

  • Kappa recommends no more than 30 emails per hour.

  • We also recommend using your personal email address for personal emails.

  • Use your personal email address when signing up for non-business related emails (coupons, discounts and sweepstakes).

Blacklists can frequently mistake legitimate senders as spammers due to their e-mail sending habits.​​

Use Third-Party Email Service Providers

  • If you need to send bulk email like special announcements or newsletters, use a third party email service provider. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and you can make them look great. (You’re reading an email sent by one right now!)

  • There's a long list of email marketing services available and most operate at relatively low prices, with packages to fit every business size and need.

Sending bulk email, email newsletters, hosting discussion lists, and anything that results in "messages to a lot of people at once" is something that requires a lot of special consideration. We encourage you to take the time to think it through and do it right.

Both you and your recipients will benefit.

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