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Before You Close The Office For The Weather:

  • Please shut down all PC’s completely.
  • ​Unplug PC’s from electrical outlets and unplug network cable in back of PC if possible.
  • ​Designate a central location (if you have not already).
  • ​Powering off the Server will be important, make sure all PC’s have been turned off (including remote users) before doing this step.
    • If you have questions on how to properly shut down your Server, please contacts us, and we can walk you through this process.
  • ​Unplug Printers and Copiers from electrical outlets.

Hurricane Season

Computer and Data Protection

Kappa will be closed when severe weather arrives.

Please e-mail Support@KappaServices.com or call 407-331-5921 with any questions you have as soon as possible to insure that they are answered. In case of an emergency please call 407-331-5921 and press option 2.

Keep The Screen Timeout Short


  1. Go to Settings > General > Auto-lock > Select a timeout option.


  1. ​Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout > Select a timeout option. 

Dim The Screen Brightness


  1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > drag the slider to the right or left.
  2. If your iOS device has an ambient-light sensor, you'll see an Auto-Brightness setting under the slider.  ​​


  1.  Go to Settings > Display > Brightness > Mark the box for Automatic brightness to let your device adjust the display brightness using its sensors.
  2. To manually adjust the brightness > drag the slider to the right or left.

Prior To:

  • Insure you have a current Server backup.
    • ​​If you have a backup, perform a recovery test to assure it's a good backup.
  • ​Have a current inventory of equipment in your office/department.
    • ​​​Include serial numbers, this will be important for Insurance reasons.
  • ​Designate a central location (if you have not already).
    • ​​For software licenses (proof of legal ownership), media, valuable manuals, vendor information, and backup copies of critical documentation.

Please stay safe, and thank you for your business.

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