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2. Press Alt and Prnt Screen at the same time. (Doing this will copy the image) 

​3. Open a new email and paste directly into the body of the email. That's it!

1. On a webpage or document press CTRL and F at the same time.

2. The Find dialog box will appear. (The box may appear on the top of the screen or bottom depending on the program you are in.)

3. Type in a word to search and hit enter.

4. Each instance of the word will be highlighted. Skip to each instance of the word by using the up and down arrows within the dialog box.

1. Make sure what you would like to copy is active. (You can do this by clicking your cursor somewhere in the window you want to capture) 

1. With the cursor behind the word you need to delete press CTRL and BACKSPACE at the same time.

​2. The entire word will be removed. 
TIP: Pressing CTRL and Z at the same time will undo your change and bring the word back.

Delete an entire word

Do you hit backspace multiple time to back out a word? No need! Pressing CTRL + BKSP will delete the entire word behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you mess up a whole word. 

Searching? Don't forget about CTRL+F

About 90 per cent of computer users 
don't know what Ctrl+F does, according to a Google study. Pressing Ctrl + F opens the Find in any program. (This includes your Internet browser!) 

Press CTRL+F and simply type the word you're looking for and hit enter.

OH NO! I did not mean to close that page!

If you've ever accidentally closed a tab with something important in it, or shut down the browser only to realize you needed one more bit of information about the webpage you were reading, despair not! Ctrl+Shift+T is the fast and easy way to retrieve a closed tab.

2. Your closed tab will reappear.

1. While in your browser press CTRL and SHIFT and T at the same time.

Copy Only Active Window to Clipboard   

Normally, the Print Screen key copies the entire display (or two displays if you got them), ALT + Print Screen only copies the currently active window to the clipboard. Whether taking a screenshot to diagnose a problem, or just because you want to show something to a friend, this will come in handy! 

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