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Why Choose Kappa ?

Not all hosting companies are created equal... We own and operate our very own data center.

Here at Kappa we maintain and own 100% of the servers and equipment you are accessing for your hosted server solution. NO THIRD PARTIES INVOLVED. That means when you need something you call us, and not some overseas company then wait for hours or days to get a simple request resolved. We offer a one stop for all your IT computer needs.

 Key Benefits of Cloud Servers:

  1. Flexibility and scalability – extra server space can be accessed as and when required.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – whilst being available when needed, you only pay for what server space you are using at a particular time.
  3. Save Expense – Eliminate the need of costly hardware and software to buy/upgrade.
  4. Ease of set up – Cloud servers do not require much initial setup, let Kappa manage this service for you.
  5. Internet Reliability – due to dual Internet connections, if there are problems, the redundant Internet connection will be shifted so that service is unaffected. 


Delivering Servers When and Where You Need Them, Private Cloud Services for Businesses


Private Cloud computing delivers the best of both worlds. You have the comfort of knowing that your data and systems are securely stored and operating in your own, dedicated Private Cloud accessible only by those you explicitly designate. At the same time you gain the cost savings and peace of mind that come with having your systems running safely off of your premises in a state of the art data center where the speed, reliability, and security are second to none.

Cloud Servers allow you to have an independent server solution at a lower cost than deploying physical servers at your company location. When opting for a cloud server, you are renting virtual server space from a company rather than purchasing physical servers. Cloud servers are typically deployed quickly and offer scalability and flexibility, up or down, pending on your needs. 

With Kappa’s cloud servers, we're able to deliver servers when and where they're needed. You won't need to buy costly, individual servers. Instead, you'll access our infrastructure for capacity on demand. With cloud servers, you don't have to worry about ramping up your IT Infrastructure or worry about needing additional space on your server to deploy new applications, Kappa's cloud solutions have you covered.

Kappa Computer Systems LLC
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